Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

ARC NV specializes in the management of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects of all sizes. Besides, the company ensures that the specifications for designing, constructing, commissioning, and delivering refurbished vehicles meet the market standards.

Aircraft Refueling Vehicle Refurbishment

All Modifications shall not Adversely Alter or Affect the Operation of the Vehicle

Vehicles often are scrapped because the prime mover (engine or chassis) has come to the end of its economic or physical life, aviation equipment, even fuel tanks, can be re-used subject to condition assessment either in part or the whole assembly can be transferred to a new chassis which serves as a fundamental on cost saving.

Whether you are considering refurbishing older equipment with environmentally friendly equipment, ARC NV ensures and controls the modifications to second-hand vehicles, including inspections and maintenance procedures enable its continued service in support of reliable operations.

The Design Manual does not Replace the Expertise and Professional Engineering Services

ARC NV will provide a refurbishment containing the latest technology, including the cost of all components, labor, painting, logo, etc., and installation on a suitable chassis & commissioning. We will even exchange discontinued inverters with a new model where technically feasible.

A vehicle with more than 30 years old. A total refurbishment was executed over 9 months according to the latest standard and quality as per JIG regulations. Our old expertise is needed to get transition to the latest technology vehicles ( such as electric / hydrogen) vehicles.