ARV NV designs and constructs refueling vehicles (including rigid and articulated/semi-trailer fuelers). ARC NV manages the integrity of operating systems through design principles, engineering, and operating practices that focus on the highest priorities and performance opportunities.

Aircraft Refueling Hydrant Dispensers


The definition of hydrant dispensers’ specifications, the size of hydrant piping, and the number and capacity of the hydrant pumps are crucial activities. ARC NV designs vehicles based on approved drawings including, – a flow diagram, general layout, fueling panel, and hazardous area.

Military Applications

ARC NV has developed a strong relationship with national and worldwide defense military organizations, including the Belgian-, Dutch- and Cyprus armies. Our military applications are custom designed to endure rough conditions and can operate in extreme climates delivering a world-class supply solution.

Spare Parts

Jet fuel is subject to stringent quality requirements necessitating special equipment and engineering. Also, maintenance schedules shall be designed to meet operational requirements and manufacturers’ recommendations to enable continued airport reliable operations.