ARC NV is known for its High-Quality Standards around the World

Aircraft Refueller Company NV is a well-established refueller construction/refurbishing and service company based in Belgium, serving the civil and military aviation refueling industry.

ARC NV has been a KEY player in this market, recognized by our clients since the mid-eighties when it was part of LAG NV (owned by CIMC Group). Upon agreement and arrangement by LAG NV, the most key staff collectively resigned and joined the newly formed ARC NV.

Aircraft Refueller Company NV, active since 1994 in co-designing, constructing, and refurbishing aviation fueling vehicles, demonstrates our commitment to developing the best solutions for you as well as JIG compliance upgrades.


ARC NV is inclined to Take a definitive View of the Future & To Extrapolate Trend Lines for the Key Business Variables to Arrive at this View

ARC NV‘ was founded in 1994 with the aim to construct, maintain, and refurbish aircraft refuellers.

Over the years, we have been reshaping ARC NV from a provider of refueller vehicles into a driver of processes to lead change within the industry.

The core competence of Group CéSAR is a creation of a true Center of Excellence & Service for Aviation Refuellers; it was created to support ARC NV in its growth and motivated us to collaborate, educate, drive change, and to align our work with a mutually shared vision and goal!



Sustainable & Holistic Engineering Perspective

Delivering a sustainable and holistic engineering perspective managing the market changes to meet HSSE requirements, cost-effectiveness, and supporting the energy transition initiative through a flexible approach.


Providing Best Engineering Resources

To provide top-notch engineering resources for safe and world-class refueller performance. ARC NV focuses on total cost certainty and ergonomic efficiency, constantly improving to maintain excellence. (i.e., those concerning the design and use of equipment, machines and, processes) taken into account in design specifications.

  • Push quality back to the design stage.
  • Supplying the market with the latest innovations comes from manufacturing and checking the suitability of your work environment.
  • Minimum fabrication standards for tanks and containers holding flammable and combustible liquids, ensuring equipment is compatible with aviation fuels.
  • Provide high-quality professional advice and support services.


Quality Standards & Values

ARC NV design teams are aware of quality standards and values and take steps to ensure service delivery by our high product authority and expert advisors helping our customers effectively manage approved designs, clean aviation fuel, hydrant fuel operator, fueling equipment, certified tests, depot instruments, and ground fueling more efficiency helping you for achieving the international standard.

ARC NV Values:

  • Operate within the design and environmental limits.
  • Comply with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • Maintain process and standards documentation.
  • Cost-effective modifications.
  • Practical work instructions, training, procedures, and tools.
  • Providing after-sales service – help, advice, repair, and maintenance.
  • Long-term, risk-informed solutions for our customers.
  • High level of HSSE requirements, demonstrated by servicing our top-tier clients!
  • Personal well-being, health, and safety are all key objectives for our group.



Our Activities will be Merging with our Partners in France & Belgium


ARC NV Dutch Speaking Team.


ARC NV French Speaking Team.


Success Partners & Service Providers

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Our French alliance since 2020, and he became an integral part of the ARC NV management team starting in 2023, securing operations, maintenance, and inspections, including training.

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FABIAN SCALCO & his team, an integral part of our inspection & maintenance teams of ARC NV, operating on-site airports in French-speaking areas.



FAUDI Aviation specializes in aviation fuel filtration, using the most modern technologies for the research, testing, and manufacturing of filtration products. FAUDI operates worldwide with one focus: “We want you to feel safe in the air!” FAUDI Aviation recently celebrated 70 years of experience and superior quality.


SATAM Exclusive agent for SATAM in the BENELUX

Specifically designed for custody transfer metering of liquid petroleum products and non-corrosive chemicals, all our metering systems are made in France. They are used in depots oil, road tankers, aircraft refuelers, and fuel dispensers for loading, unloading, transfer, blending, and additive injection operations.

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We offer aviation refueling hoses which approved by all the major fuel suppliers. We can supply finished hoses cut to length, fitted with approved end connections, pressure tested on Jet A1 if required, and with a fully traceable certificate of conformity, expansion joints, and overawing refueling nozzles.

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With over 60 years of experience, the company reached a high degree of expertise in producing tankers, bulk tipper semi-trailers, petrol tankers, intermodal products, and platform trailers.



With Alfons Haar equipment, you can build an aviation refueling system to suit almost any application, from simple mechanically controlled hydrant carts and refuellers with electronics and hydraulics eliminated; to electronically controlled metering and logic systems on a fully integrated bus system.

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With 75+ years at the forefront of aviation fueling, Facet provides the most advanced and cost-effective technologies ensuring clean, contaminate-free dry fuel from the refinery to the aircraft.