Designed To Endure Rough Conditions and Operate in Extreme Environments

ARC NV has developed a strong relationship with national and worldwide defense military organizations, including the Belgian-, Dutch- and Cyprus armies.

Our military applications are custom designed to endure rough conditions and can operate in extreme climates delivering a world-class supply solution.

We work in close/collegial alliances and with diversity in connection with national and international specialist partners within the aviation refueling industry for Equipment & Support, and also with vehicle manufacturers i.e. MAN Truck, SCANIA Truck, RENAULT Truck, and VOLVO Truck.

ARC NV Military Applications


Applications are Tailored to The Needs and Requirements of Each Customer

ARC NV offers pioneer quality products and solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer. ARC NV military refuellers, including the Basic Parts, can handle jet fuels containing a thermal stability additive and operate to military standards.

Our military Refuellers have different capacities to fuel all sizes of military aircraft with different pumping flow rates depending on the design requirements in complying with the latest international guidelines for defense for installation, operation, and maintenance, achieving the maximum life span combined with proper utilization and maintenance.

Applications are Tailored to The Needs and Requirements of Each Customer


A High-Quality and Assured
End-To-End Overseas Solution

ARC NV had a deployment that delivered a wide range of fuel technical services, including inspections, repairs, and maintenance of our workshop at KAF over many years for 20 LCAR vehicles in a War/Crisis zone.

ARC NV offers full inspection, maintenance, and repair services overseas supported by our French ex-military well-trained and tested team through the risks routinely faced by taking control of serving and delivering the required task enables us to offer our customers a high-quality and assured end-to-end solution by “sharing customer ownership.”


Supports The Availability and Flexibility of Military Aerial Vehicles

Large fleets of Aircraft Refuellers are vital for Defense and Military spine. ARC NV‘s ‘Life Cycle Vehicle Management Program’ can be compared with the LCARs Life Extension Program’ which supports the availability and flexibility of military aerial vehicles and enables this capability to our customers.

Our three key areas are:

  • Designing a military application with deep expertise in product, supply, logistics, and high-venture environments to ensure high product authority.
  • Asset integrity by reducing maintenance, life-cycle, and operation costs, ensuring our applications is operated in one of the most rigorous environments.
  • Equipment reliability by identifying and resolving equipment performance gaps’, and reducing the risk failures confirming reliability, and solid performance.